Our Outcomes

Designed for Real-World Impact

At Futurise, we're committed to delivering tangible outcomes. Our tailored, AI-driven learning paths are designed to equip you with the most relevant skills in the shortest possible time. The result? Over 90% of our learners have successfully applied their new skills at work, driving efficiency and effectiveness in their roles. Whether you're a busy professional looking to upskill or a non-technical individual aiming to leverage emerging technologies, Futurise is your partner in achieving career success.

Our results = Your success

We judge our success as a company on the success of our learners.

Thousands of professionals, especially from non-technical backgrounds, have successfully upskilled with us, leveraging emerging technologies to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness at work.

Our learners have reported significant improvements in their productivity and job performance, and many have progressed to higher roles or transitioned to tech-oriented careers.

With Futurise, you're not just learning - you're future-proofing your career.
Learner Satisfaction rate, indicating high-quality and relevant courses that meet learners' needs
* Futurise 2021 Learner Feedback Survey
Course Completion rate, reflecting high learner engagement and effective course structure
* from internal data on 4000+ graduates
Percentage of learners who successfully applied their new skills at work, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness and overall pob performance.
* from internal data on 4000+ graduates
Percentage of learners who have successfully transitioned into higher roles or tech-oriented careers after completing their courses
* Futurise 2021 Career Progression Report

Success Stories

Don't just take it from us. Our graduates share how Futurise helped transform their careers and lives.
“The best prompt engineering resource that I was able to find online.”
Full-Stack Developer
“My salary is more than double. Doing this course is the best decision I've ever made."
Manual Software Tester
"After learning prompt engineering, my content quality has improved 10X."
Digital Marketer
"It's a practical, hands-on guide that makes learning Bubble easy."
Product Manager
"The Instructor was engaging and it was a great experience."
"I'm confidently building and iterating on my app all thanks to the skills I gained from this course.”
“It's not just about the hours saved... It's the accuracy and the stress relief.”