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Become a Generative AI Prompt Engineer

A hands-on ChatGPT course, where you'll master the art and science of crafting effective prompts to generate desired responses from AI models. Boost your efficiency and effectiveness at work, by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Duration: 9 Days Part Time Learning @2 hrs/day.
Content updated to 2024 version of ChatGPT.
Learn by doing real-world projects with ChatGPT.
24/7 live real-time student support.
AI powered personalised lessons & quizzes.
Win rewards as you progress through the course.
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This course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to create your own highly effective prompts that yield accurate, insightful, and contextually relevant responses from ChatGPT and other LLM AI models.

The projects in this course are specifically designed for working professionals to learn how to leverage generative AI at work to become more efficient and effective at work.

70% of white-collar workers will use conversational AI daily by 2024.
- Gartner

40% productivity boost by white-collar workers using ChatGPT.

Prompt engineering involves crafting precise instructions, questions, or input prompts that guide ChatGPT's responses in the desired direction. It's the key to ensuring that the AI understands your intentions and produces relevant outputs, making your interactions more efficient and impactful.

Success Stories

“The best prompt engineering resource that I was able to find online.”
Full-Stack Developer
"After learning prompt engineering, my content quality has improved 10X."
Digital Marketer

Learning Outcomes

Create and Refine State-of-the-Art Prompts
You will learn how to create and refine prompts from scratch, enabling you to develop high-quality, effective prompts for various applications.
Build 15+ Prompt Projects with ChatGPT
The course teaches you how to automate over 15 real-world business processes using ChatGPT, demonstrating the practical applications of this technology in business settings.
Master the OpenAI Playground and Prompting Best Practices
You will gain expertise in using both ChatGPT and the OpenAI Playground, along with learning the best practices for prompting to ensure optimal responses from Language Models.


Course duration:
9 days
*One sprint = One day part time learning (2 hours per day)

Sprint 1: Kickstart - Build Your First Prompt

An introduction to the basics of prompt engineering and its applications.

Sprint 2: The Science of Prompt Engineering

Delve into the theoretical aspects and principles underlying effective prompt design.

Sprint 3: Engineering Your LinkedIn Summary Prompt

Create a custom prompt to generate engaging LinkedIn summaries using the OpenAI Playground and hyper-parameters.

Sprint 4: Building a Blog Post Generator Prompt

Develop a prompt that can craft diverse and relevant blog posts that sound human-written and pass AI detectors for optimised SEO.

Sprint 5: Create a PowerPoint Presentation Prompt

Design a prompt to automatically generate PowerPoint presentations on specific topics.

Sprint 6: Currency Converter With Python and Bing Prompt

Connect ChatGPT to the internet and build a prompt that integrates Python and Bing for real-time currency conversion.

Sprint 7: Building Custom GPTs

Build an an AI agent which executes tasks for you using ChatGPT and Zapier.

Sprint 8: Amazon Sales Chatbot Prompt

Construct a prompt for an AI chatbot focused on being a sales assistant for boosting sales on Amazon.

Sprint 9: Challenge Bank

A collection of advanced, diverse challenges to test and refine your prompt engineering skills.


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No more useless theoretical courses. We believe in learning by doing. You will get hands-on and build relevant real-world projects.
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Pricing Options

At Futurise, we believe in providing quality education that's accessible and affordable. That's why we've designed two flexible pricing options to suit your needs and budget.

Unlimited Monthly
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Earn a certificate upon completion of each course.
Learn by doing real-world projects
Win prizes as you progress through the course
24/7 real-time student support
Zero prior programming experience required
Unlimited Annual
/ year
One Year Guarantee
Everything included in the monthly plan, plus:
Save when you pay up front for the year
Enjoy maximum flexibility to achieve work/life balance - and learn at your own pace

We're happy to give a generous one year money-back guarantee because we're confident in the value of our courses. Take Futurise Annual for a spin for one year, and if it doesn't improve your career, let us know and we'll happily refund today's payment.


Futurise is fast-paced and immersive. It’s important to ask yourself, “Is this right for me?” Before you get started, make sure all of these statements are true for you.

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